Flora: Exploration to Extinction

I glued the last flower! The corridor is finished! Thanks especially to Vestalia Chilton, Noor Kadhim, and anyone who navigated around my paper clippings, glue, and dried flowers during the installation. If you can’t visit the work, explore it over here on my site, where I’ve included extinction profiles for all the silhouetted species.


Flora: Exploration to Extinction is an immersive installation that reevaluates our relationship to the natural world. A collaged landscape of flora displays an ecological utopia of abundance, interrupted by silhouettes of extinct and endangered species. I designed the work as a site-specific installation for a 20 ft (6 m) corridor at a hotel in South Kensingon, London; commission by Vestalia Chilton, curator of Attollo Art & art director of the Exhibitionist Hotel. Flora was introduced during Frieze London 2018; the installation will be on display for several years, and is open to the public.